How Is Crokinole Similar To Curling?

We find that many fans of curling gravitate toward crokinole.  There's something about watching your disc glide across that surface and smash into your opponents that just brings warm fuzzy feelings to just about anyone.

In the town of Winnipeg, they've even gone as far as combining the two sports into a hybrid called crokicurl. Check out this news clip of CTV interviewing the creator of crokicurl:


As is mentioned in the video, both sports involve getting an object into the button or center of the target.  In crokinole, there are obstacles (pegs) that make it more challenging to score.  You also have to touch the opponents disc if it is in play before trying to go for the center button, where as with curling, you only need to make contact with a stone already in play (either team's is fine).

There are some differences however to the two sports.  In crokinole, you add up both teams score and whoever wins earns the difference between the scores for the round (unless it's tournament play, then the winner scores 2 points).  In curling, it's all about which team is closest to the button.  Below are some examples of how to score in curling.

Kansas City Curling Club - Scoring Terminology